A Meditation for Healing

Our Consciousness Joined Together, Creates Healing for Everyone

In broad terms, consciousness could be called a meditation when we focus on a thought, clearing the mind for neutrality, and achieving a higher level of perspective.

“When we go deep into our consciousness and tap into its higher purpose, we can radiate out the energy that gathers in the collective consciousness.”

Here is a meditation that quiets the mind and focuses on how our individual consciousness can come together and create healing in other people, and in the world. We need not be with the people we wish to send positivity or healing to – in fact we can be meditating in solitude. The power of one person’s consciousness is interconnected with every living being and your energy can reach them, wherever they are – that’s the collective consciousness.

Find a quiet place in your home, or join others in a meditation class or gathering.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. Clear your mind. If thoughts and feelings arise, greet them, then send them away for now. Your goal is balance and neutrality.

Scan your body, feeling the energy, starting with your toes, up your feet and legs, to your torso, out to your arms, then up through your neck to your head. Relax each part of your body as you focus on it. Once you’ve scanned your entire body, go back to concentrating on your breath. Your consciousness should feel open and receptive, allowing the energy you feel inside you, and around you, to connect you to this very moment.

Now focus on the energy of your heart. Feel the power of your consciousness concentrate in your heart. From there, imagine a bright light gathering in the center of your heart. Sit with that sensation, then imagine light radiating outwards.

While concentrating on the light, see it as consciousness in its purest form. Feel the connection between your heart and mind, shining the light between both. Now think of the consciousness of those around you (if you are meditating as a group) and/or people in your life. See the light envelope others. It is the same light that surrounds you.

Extend your concentration out to the room, then the building, the road, the town, etc., to the whole world. Focus on the collective consciousness. Feel the interconnectedness of the universe.

Take the collective energy of consciousness and think of the light as a healing beacon. Envelope your fellow meditators if with others, your friends and family, your community, the country, the world, and the universe in the positive, healing, radiant power of consciousness. Sit with the energy of interconnection and peace.

Slowly bring the light back to yourself, your heart and your mind.

As you come out of the meditation, feel the consciousness of love and compassion – for yourself and others – as a gift and guide as you go about your day.

Excerpt from ‘Consciousness: It’s All Over You

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