Awakening To Your Divine Blueprint

Creating Change Without Control

Do you try to control your world instead of your mind? How many times have you tried to bring about change by attempting to alter external circumstances, without shifting your consciousness about it?

Change begins with a process of thoughts, words, and actions – and our ability to bring consciousness into our daily lives. If we change our thoughts, words and actions, our reality changes. This is the only way to create change for individuals and for the world. 

Thoughts & Words

Our thoughts come from our conscious mind. Our words come from experience; a word is something recalled from a memory. We remember words and we put those words into patterns to express what it is we are trying to achieve or say. Our subconscious shows up in our words, even if we are not aware of its influence. 

For example, if our child does something that we were yelled at for doing by our parents, our subconscious may very well react in a way that channels the hurt we felt and we end up using the same action and words with our child. Or we could find ourselves becoming defensive when someone makes a suggestion to us, because our subconscious remembers feeling hurt and powerless when a boss gave us a harsh review. 

When we bring the subconscious into the light, we break patterns and vicious cycles of unhappiness and pain. 


Our actions are the result of how aware – or unaware – we are. Our actions indicate, whether our conscious and subconscious have a connection, and if we know how to act from a higher level of intention. 

Our actions should be the result of the thoughts and the words we choose. We have control over them. Actions that don’t arise from conscious intention of thoughts and words are too often a reaction in the moment, that doesn’t represent who you are aspiring to be, but instead who you were, when you were operating from your old belief systems. If we begin to align thoughts, words, and actions in the moment with conscious intention, a super/higher consciousness evolves naturally. 

The SuperConscious Mind

The superconscious mind just sits and watches the play between the conscious and subconscious. It watches humanity grasp at materialistic wealth, fame and power, and sees us becoming more and more frustrated because the chase for happiness comes up empty. 

The role of the superconscious in our daily life is like a mother who is sitting, waiting for her child to come and ask, “Is it safe to do this?”  “Is it safe to let go, and look for something more meaningful?” It is the all-knowing, all-experiencing part of who we are that knows absolutely, without a doubt, the ultimate truth of right and wrong. 

Our conscious mind gives us versions of right and wrong, our subconscious mind holds the blueprint of how we became who we are, and the super/higher conscious gives us a way to change. 

A BluePrint of Happiness

The universe wants you to be happy. That may surprise you, but it’s true. At its core, your consciousness is pure and neutral. It carries the blueprint of who you are, and its purity with higher level of thinking is always there to tap into. 

We choose whether or not to allow the universe to just give us what it naturally wants to, the best for our highest good and the good of one and all.

Your consciousness’ default is as pure as the driven snow – it’s you that tips it either one way or the other. Your lack of awareness and knowledge, leading to either positive or negative patterns of thoughts or actions, defines how the universe will respond. Once you see consciousness as the most important thing you can control, you can start to change your life. Your mind is what shifts; the external world is just the mirror to the main stage of your consciousness. 


Creacon Founder, Derek O’Neill is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, author and humanitarian. He has inspired audiences around the world to change their lives for the better. Derek’s presence and humour give life to the work he does and inspire the teachings of selfless service.

Image by Johann Bret Bautista from Pixabay