Break The Walls of Fear: Reveal Your Authentic Self

Beautiful, Authentic You

We live in a world of cause and effect. What you sow is what you reap. Sooner or later what you give out has to come back. If you trust yourself enough to be authentic, and give and receive with a genuine heart, the universe responds with the same authenticity and sends it back to you.

Trust is about the self.  When you find yourself not knowing how to trust your true self, it is probably connected to something that was said in your childhood. It is up to you to say, “Well, I’m an adult now, so those experiences don’t have to be the same. I can change them.”  That requires the courage to look at parts of you that may be wounded, instead of trying to push them away.

It is important to acknowledge, and even thank, those damaged aspects of yourself for informing you, and giving you the experience. That is when you can heal and trust in abundance.

Love vs Fear

The love versus fear factor is part of the quest to live in abundance. Our authentic state is love. Fear is not unnatural, it is inherent in our reactions and emotions, but that doesn’t make it real.

Love flows and fear struggles; try to catch those fearful moments. Have a conversation with them. Are they based on reality, or are you angry, worried, sad, even hungry or tired? The authentic self is attuned to self-care. Observe how when you feel fear there is tightness inside of you. You can almost literally feel a wall going up between you and the world. Think about love and take that wall down. You cannot connect with the world, and the abundance of the world, when you live behind a wall of fear.

Redefining Success

We know the concept of “fear of success,” but what is underneath that idea and how can we change it? There is a lot of evidence that, after your basic needs are met, money has no correlation to happiness. People with lots of extra money in the bank – even if they are billionaires – are not happier than people who don’t have a lot. Society programs you to think differently.

Let’s look more closely at the idea of succeeding and success being two separate things. Success, defined by our culture, tends to be connected to wealth and power, but wouldn’t you say that someone who is happy and fulfilled, no matter what is in their bank account, is succeeding in life?

If you turn the word around to define what is truly important to you, “success,” and whatever that means to you, can be attainable. What are your associations with success? Are they negative because of someone in your life who had a lot of success disappointed you on a personal level? Do you think of people with money as not being well liked? Were you told you wouldn’t be successful, that your ideas or dreams were silly or impractical?

When you tap into the authentic self, you begin to do what you want to do, and form your own opinions. Yes, we all have to do some things that we prefer not to, but if you can embrace what you want the majority of the time, you’ll see how powerful you are. So many people feel confined by the box they feel they’ve been put in – but you have the key to release yourself!


Empower Yourself Before Others


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