Celebrate Life and Return of Light

Bringing the Light of Summer into every aspect of our life means honoring the Sun for its many gifts to us.

The Summer Solstice coming up on June 21st is a celebration of the start of a new season and it is a time still celebrated all over the world.  The Sun and the return of the Light after the darkness of winter is one cycle, one season, that is a time of joy and a celebration of Life.

All of the elements – Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Ether – are all to be recognized.  It is in our NOT recognizing them as important on a global scale that has caused the imbalance with the elements on the earth we are currently experiencing.  In the beginning, all people on the Earth recognized and celebrated every season through ceremony and prayers of thankfulness to Spirit.  The turn of the seasons at the Summer and Winter Solstice and the Spring and Fall Equinox, and the Elements, supported all life on the planet.

Summer Solstice coming up is the one most celebrated the world over today.  The Sun, Fire Energy, has always been celebrated for its coming warmth after a cold winter, and hopefully its coming bountiful harvest to feed the people through winter.  Harvest time, and preparing the bounty harvested to preserve it, meant survival in the coming year.  Each cycle of time from each Solstice to the Equinox is preparation for the next cycle.  The changes in the seasons, and the elements affects our survival – water for the crops, how much food is harvested, how cold and long the next winter is, and if all life will have what is needed to survive.

As a society, and personally, we have lost that knowledge, most people hardly pay attention to the seasons changing, other than to see how cold it will be.  Yet the seasons affect every aspect of our life on every level.  We have become so used to buying what we need at the grocery store, we have left our survival to others.  This is how the earth became out of balance, we left her care to others, and forgot that we depend on those cycles and the elements to survive.  We quit paying attention.

Celebrating the seasons is thanking Spirit for all that has been provided for us, and at the same time celebrating and honoring the earth and ourselves.  Each earth cycle affects us on every level, not just physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  The yearlong process encompasses Preparation, Creation, Integration and Contemplation.  When we work in tune with the cycle we are in, we are in tune with the earth and all the elements, and we are creating WITH the rhythm of the earth, the planets, and all of life.  We honor the energy of each cycle as part of the creative process of life.

Come to our Shamanic Solstice Ceremony at Creacon on June 21st or the Summer Solstice Concert on Saturday June 25th and celebrate the beginning of a new cycle, the cycle of Creation.  Working in tune with this season will help you create more this year and have a bountiful harvest in your life’s work. It will also help you reduce stress because our body knows when we are out of sync with the season. Creacon’s Food Is Medicine program works with the seasons, as our menu is setup to honor the current growing cycle.  Join us for a Summer Celebration of Life!

Many Blessings,

Sandra Grey Wolf

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