Communicating with Your Higher Self


Question: “How can you develop your communication with your Higher Self in order to receive clear guidance?”

Derek: The best way to do that is to be still. The best way to do that is to understand how important it is that every action you do is done consciously. What I mean is that it takes practice. If you have a river and there is a big stone blocking the river, you might be drawn, because there is draught in the valley below, to move the stone, only to drown everybody down there. Do you understand? Your intellect must tell you what would be the consequence of me removing that stone. That’s engaging your intellectual process with your spiritual service.

It is vitally important to develop a communication with your Higher Self, that you allow yourself to be foolish. In other words, you have to allow yourself to practice hearing the voice that comes from the ego and the voice that comes from the Higher Self until you get to the point where you realize that the ego and the Higher Self is the exact same voice. Each of them are trying to offer you enlightenment, all that you need to do is inject your intellectual process into the equation so that you realize the cause and effect theory of everything, every breath you take is a cause of the next effect.

The next effect is life. You take a deep breath in, you’re full of life, you breathe out, you die. Cause, breathe in, effect, breathe out. The effect must lead to the next cause which is another breath in, so cause and effect, effect is the rhythm of the universe and it is also the rhythm of the Higher Self. The Higher Self always speaks very gently, the ego speaks with much more tone. The Higher Self never would say anything that was harmful to you or another. The best way to develop the communication with the Higher Self is to get out of your own way. How you do this is through service to yourself in the form of others. When you begin to realize that they are you in a different form, they are just cells made up of the same body, then you realize that you are not so important and yet greatly so.

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