Mandala Class

Facilitated by Gillian Wild
Room: Art & Craft Room
Price: € 10
Every Tuesday: 10:00am – 11:00am

Designing your own mandala is a relaxing, inspirational and therapeutic process.  It is all the more fun in a group setting, with the chat and a cup of tea afterwards. In Gillian’s Mandala Group you will start with a blank piece of paper on which you draw a circle, find a central point and work from there.  You have the freedom to introduce shapes, patterns, your own distinctive images and colours thereby creating your own unique sacred Mandala.  Coloring is a wonderfully relaxing and creative activity for anyone, there is no right or wrong way in what is a highly enriching experience.

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What Materials do I need?

All materials are provided in the class; paper, compasses, pencils, rulers, erasers and coloured pencils. However, once you have enjoyed a Mandala class, the chances are you will want to buy your own materials!