Expanding Consciousness Workshop

Facilitated by Elizabeth Dooley and Gillian Wild
Room: Meditation Hall & Art Room
Price: €35 

Saturday 21st April 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This workshop will begin with a beautiful meditation to bring us into the space of consciousness and to open us up to the creativity within ourselves. Followed by Tibetan Bowls Healing with Liz. The sounds of the Tibetan Bowls resonate with the Chakra System clearing and removing energy blocks. In particular this is effective for stress, addictive patterns and opening up the heart chakra for clearer communication in body mind and spirit.

Food is Medicine lunch will be served

After lunch Gillian will lead you through a Mandala Session in which you will be guided to design your own Mandala.  This is a wonderful relaxing experience that draws out our creativity. Mandalas are a great tool for increasing self-awareness and learning about our present inner world which can be a highly enriching experience. You do not need to be ‘Artistic’, just open to the experience.  All materials will be provided.

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