Womb Heart Wisdom

Facilitated by: Kathy and Karen Mulligan
Room: Meditation Hall
Cost: €20 remote or in person

Empower The Womb Of Creation -Summer Solstice  

Karen and Kathy realised that the womb, which holds the energy of creation and manifestation, was in a very weak state energetically and as a whole, due to the Divine Feminine being in a state of repression, shame and unworthiness. We realized that it was vitally important to empower the feminine’s energy to create, as the womb area, and thus the power to create was being neglected. We realized it was time to draw attention to the womb and to nurture, purify and heal the womb. The energy of the womb space is so important and vital for our own inner healing. When the Womb is healed – we will move forward with confidence and ease, speaking freely – free of shame and repression.

During this workshop, we will connect to the energy of the summer solstice to unveil our deeper inner wisdom and healing potential. As the sun reaches its height, it will shine its brilliance on our inner awakening, so that we may connect to our innate wisdom and birth our highest potential.

The oils we will be using this evening relate to the elements of the summer solstice and energy of fire. We will use these oils with the intention to take action in living our life to the fullest while promoting regeneration and rejuvenation!

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Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash