"Get a Grip" class - Creacon Wellness Retreat

Facilitator: Marcela J Giavris
Room: Heart Room

Date: Friday 11:45AM – 1:00PM
Price: €10 at Creacon, €8 Zoom class


During this class we will explore tangible wisdom contained in the series of “Get a Grip” books written by Derek O’Neill, to bring real transformation to your life.
Wisdom Teachings and deeper insights will empower you and give you the necessary tools to overcome disharmonies and connect you to a resourceful state of being.
We will practice healing meditation and simple exercises to help you gain deeper insight and clarity on day to day challenges and issues.

These healing meditations will help you to integrate, heal and connect to the present moment, your core being and bring the answers and solution to your day to day challenges.



Online booking essential.

For Zoom events, please book by 6pm of the previous day to receive the related link.