Finding Inner Peace

Facilitated by: Katie Duggan
Room: Meditation Hall
Date: Sunday 27th November & Sunday 11th December 3:00PM – 6:00PM
Price: €45

Finding Inner Peace Monthly Yoga and Meditation Workshop

Monthly Yoga and Meditation Workshop with Katie Duggan, book one or all.

Has the recent pandemic left you shaken and unsure of your safety?

Many have suffered in different ways, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The aftermath can leave scars and a fear of the future.

Cultivating inner peace within ourselves safeguards us against being shaken by external events. Building a relationship with the place within us that is unaffected by the world is the most powerful force you can create.

It is our birthright to be happy and to live freely.

This workshop will help guide you to that place. It is there within all of us, we just need to remember.

Through breath, movement and visualization, you will be able to create that space to reconnect, to find that inner peace and remember who you truly are.

The more you recognise and tap into this place the stronger and more resilient you become.

Are you ready to embark on this beautiful journey?

If so come join us for these monthly workshops.

There has been a huge need for regular rest and relaxation these last few months. And what better location to do so then at Creacon wellness Retreat. Nestled in nature and the most luxurious surroundings you will be instantly rejuvenated when you arrive.

Katie has monthly yoga and meditation workshops running for the rest of this year to tend your overwhelmed body and mind. Each month there will be a different theme to support you in the best way possible. You can be assured that you will receive the ultimate escapism from the mundane world and be transported into a haven of peace and calm. After 3 hours of soothing your body, mind and soul you will be ready to re enter into the world once again.

Book in advance as these workshops fill up quickly


15:00 Welcome
15:15 Movement and Breath-work
16:00 Guided Meditation/Visualization
16:30 Break and refreshments
16:45 Yoga Practice
17:45 Relaxation
18:00 Finish