A Day of Oracle Readings

Facilitated by Marcela J. Giavris & Liz Dooely
Room: Green Tea Room / Peach Tea Room
Price: € 40

Liz Dooley is practitioner of Oriental Medicine and also a counselor.

Angel Readings

~Liz works with angelic realm and guides to bring through information of hope, happiness and love.

Marcela J is spiritual teacher and a healer. She travels internationally and offers her services.

Wisdom of Avalon
or Sacred Numerology

Based on the wisdom teachings of its priestesses, this reading will help you find valuable and powerful insights in all aspects of life and manifest your destiny with clarity and purpose.


Time: 10.30 – 16.30
Where: Creacon Lodge Wellness Center,
New Ross, Co-Wexford
Exchange: Reading and lunch – 40 Euro
Reading, lunch and Personal Transformational workshop 50 Euro
Reading, Tibetan Healing bowls, lunch and Personal Transformational Workshop, €60
To book your reading please call 051 447 666
Deposit required €10

“cannot be combined with any other offer”