Crochet Class

Facilitated by: Jo Fahey
Date: Tuesdays 7pm-8pm
Price: no charge

Join our new Crochet club and get learning and creating for yourself and for charity. 

Most of us would have encountered crochet in some form or the other. May it be gifts we have received or people we know have learned and talked about it. This beautiful and simple craft has been around for centuries but at some point fell in popularity and almost skipped a generation therefore getting a ‘granny’ craft image. 

Now it has been making a come back as many people have started enjoying the craft in their free time or as part of a social gathering. Which ever way one enjoys the craft, the benefits of crochet go far beyond just a hobby or a pastime. From better quality sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, this mindfulness and relaxation craft also develops your creativity and increases self esteem. 

Please note that there is no class on last Tuesday of every month.