Feng Shui Your Life

Discover the beautiful ancient art of Feng Shui.pic

Transform homes to “feel” as good as they look.  Re-energise your space improve health, wealth, love & all area’s of your life.

  • Brief history of Feng Shui
  • Activating the compass bagua with the home
  • Bagua affirmation board
  • Clutter Clearing – letting go of emotional & visual clutter
  • Eliminate areas in your home that “don’t feel right”
  • Furniture alignment corrected improve sleep problems
  • External environment
  • Best personal directions
Saturday June 10th 2017, 2pm – 6pm
Cost: €90 CPD Approved
Early Booking Advised

Contact: info@lifepathdesigns.ie – www.lifepathdesigns.ie – 085 815 9574