Fungi Discovery Retreat

Facilitated by: Bernard Harris
Room: Heart Room
Date: Friday 28th February – Sunday 1st March
Cost: €560 per person sharing / €630 single occupancy

Day only option also available: €380 including activities & meals.

Journey into the ancient way of healing and gain knowledge & understanding of the natural way of living. Make your own medicine and have great fun but ultimately re-engage with Nature.

Join Bernard Harris (Herbalist & Naturopath) and Attila Fodi (Mycologist) for an introductory and in depth retreat into the world of Fungi. Find out where Fungi or Mushrooms have come from, why are they such powerful medicines and how we can integrate them into our daily life.
This retreat will include a full weekend of discovery. Fungi Identification afternoon in the local forest, tastings of different extracts, let’s have a fungi coffee and of course how to make medicine.
We will unfold the origins of FUNGI and get an introduction to what Medicinal Fungi is and how we are so receptive to this medicine.

We will concentrate on 7 main mushrooms showing you the traditional use and what modern science has now discovered in terms of medicinal qualities

  • Maitake
  • Turkey tail
  • Reishi spore powder
  • Organic Reishi fruit body
  • Organic Chaga
  • Royal Sun
  • Jelly ear
  • White Button Mushroom
Each guest will go home with a sample of each of the 7 mushrooms for their personal use access to a new website currently under construction where these will be make available, this is a closed website and only will be open to either clients or workshop attendees. A group social media will be set up so further education and fungi identification can be further studied.

Retreat Schedule:

Friday 28th February

17:00 Check in and settle in

18:00 Plant base 2 course dinner

20:00 Meet in the Hearth Room and have a general introduction & welcoming discussion.

DVD: To introduce the Fungi Kingdom so you can see the history and importance of this Kingdom.

Fungi Tea’s and coffee’s will be given to relax during the film

Saturday 29th February

09:00 Breakfast

09:45 An introduction to the Fungi Kingdom

Basic mycology, which will cover a basic understanding to what fungi (mushroom) is, from this you will understand how diverse this kingdom is:

1) Fungal classifications

2) Introduction to fungal morphology and biology

3) Introduction to cultivation

10:30 Five Tibetan Rites Yoga to get your energy flowing.

11:45 Fungi Workshop

13:00 Plant based Lunch

14:00 Fungi Workshop

15:30 Short Break

16:00 Fungi Workshop

18:00 Plant base dinner

20:00 Enjoy and evening watching another wonderful film on Fungi, with a Fungi Brew to help you sleep and relax

Sunday 1st March

09:00 Breakfast

09:30 Lets talk about Medicinal Mushrooms of China (Mushrooms have been used as food and medicine for thousands of years from a historical, tradition and science perspective and has proven the effects of Fungi on our health and wellbeing, this will be an opportunity to see how deep and powerful the East holds this knowledge of the FUNGI Kingdom)

10:30 Short tea break

10:45 Herbalism Workshop

Thyroid Health and Conditions

The key mushrooms in thyroid health

12:00 Herbalism Workshop

Cognitive impairment and nerve damage / degeneration

Let talk about  “lions main” (Hericium erinaceus), why and how we use it

13:00 Plant based Lunch

14:00 Medicine making class

Basic forms of preparations for consumption

Therapeutic food recipes

What and how to do extracts

15:00 Finish Closing Circle:


Weather permitting a walk in the local woodland will be offered where we maybe able to find and discuss some local mushrooms and some of those we have touch on.

End of Retreat and the start to a re-connection!