Heal Your Relationship With Your Body, Food and Self

Facilitated by: Michelle O’Gorman
Yellow Rose
Saturday 11th of July 10AM – 4PM

Heal your relationship with your body, food and self. 

The workshop offers participants a powerful journey of inner- reflection so they can heal their relationship with their mind, body, food and spirit. Drawn from the latest therapies that inspire recovery and self-care, empower yourself to break free from destructive patterns. No matter where you are on your journey join us for a day of insight, transformation and motivation.

What a way to leave Covid-19 behind!

  • Gain greater self-awareness around your relationship with food
  • Body Acceptance
  • Building up Confidence
  • Food is Medicine – Understand how nutrition can help you heal
  • Conscious Movement
  • Free yourself from destructive patterns and more


We will break at 11am for coffee/tea and lunch at 1pm.

Refreshments and lunch are not included in the workshop price.



“I attended the workshop facilitated by Michelle O’Gorman – “Heal your relationship with your body, food and self” in Creacon in February 2020. What a refreshing approach to healing your relationship with food and learning new tools to break free from the self destruction of mindless eating. We spent time meditating and reflecting on how to move forward with a healthier approach to feeding the body with self care and good nutrition. Discovering why we over eat and how to be calm around food. I felt empowered leaving on Saturday and would recommend anyone with eating distress to see Michelle. Creacon is the perfect venue for this type of workshop as it has such a calming and relaxing atmosphere.”     S.M

Limited spaces available. Your place on this workshop will be confirmed on receipt of payment.

For more information call Michelle on 086 0205172

Michelle O’Gorman is a Wexford native and a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders and Obesity. She offers therapy for those struggling with food, body image and weight issues, including over-eating, anorexia, bulimia, disordered eating and obesity. She has a unique insight into eating disorders, having firsthand experience, and her own journey brought her on the passionate road to helping others.

Michelle has over 13 years experience working in the area of eating disorders in a holistic setting and is a member of the National Centre for Eating Disorders in the UK and Academy for Eating Disorders, a global professional association committed to leadership in eating disorders research, education, treatment, and prevention. Michelle works with people of all ages from all walks of life. She helps them to gain complete freedom on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level with their eating patterns and turns destructive behavior around.

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