Herbalism Workshop

Facilitated by: Bernard Harris

Room: Heart Room
Date: Wednesday 17th of April 8:00pm
Cost: €10

Bernard is back for his monthly workshop on Herbalism.

This April join Bernard in the Heart Room to discuss Seasonal Allergies, their links to the Gut Health, Lymphatics and Nervous system. What can be their triggers and the foods we should NOT eat along with the Herbs and Fungi that can assist and clear these conditions

Herbalism is an ancient way of healing, actually it’s the oldest way! It’s a lifestyle we learnt from both watching animals heal them selves and humans trying to do the same…a very simple way of seeing this in everyday life is watching a dog eat grass, they do this with a specific grass to help them purge to clean their stomachs. It’s a natural process in which they do this, like us we have this deep connection and understanding with nature.

Our current human form has co-evolved with nature for approximately 300,000 years we have embodied this information so it would be important to talk about Tacid knowledge, this is a deep knowledge and understanding of the natural way of living, why do we feel so good when we walk in nature, in a mountain, swim in a river, lake or sea and the benefits. Why does our body and souls relax and dis-engage with our daily lives so easy when truly in nature. This will give you an understanding why Herbal medicine works so profoundly; it’s because our body identifies on a cellular bases with these plants.




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