Herbalist Retreat

Facilitated by: Bernard Harris
Room: Meditation Hall
Date: Friday 31st July – Sunday 2nd August
Cost: €340 per person sharing / €420 single occupancy

With the latest happenings this retreat will focus on immunity and infectious diseases. How we can naturally combat them and stay healthy. 

Have you got the right information about Covid 19?
Do you know what it is?
What is an infectious disease?
What is immunity?
What is Preventative living?
Join Bernard Harris, Herbalist & Naturopath,
and learn the power of nature!

Let’s get educated together!

Scientific, traditional and clinical findings
will be shared and much more.  

Journey into the ancient way of healing and gain knowledge & understanding of the natural way of living. Make your own medicine and have great fun but ultimately re-engage with Nature.

Join Bernard Harris, Herbalist and Naturopath, for this unique Retreat to experience what Herbalism is; from creating a sacred circle to medicine making, treating conditions, dream work, herbal tastings, Yoga and plant based meals along with deluxe accommodation and tranquil surroundings.

The retreat’s workshops aim is to raise awareness and consciousness of Nature, of your own health and how Natures disconnection can be reconnected.
Our talks will be from pathologies to herbal medicine approaches along with gaining an in-depth understanding of herbal tasting and plant energetics to a practical medicine making workshop. Relaxing and Sleep aids will be given at night along with a fantastic two films.

This is a treat for anyone with an interest in Healing through Nature.

This event will  embody 12 years of personal growth and work with plant medicine from around the world.

Retreat Schedule:

17:00 Check in
18:00 Plant based dinner
19.30 Opening circle in the Heart Room and an introduction to the weekend ahead.
There will be a full introduction to the weekend and what Herbal Medicine is and how it is practiced.
20:00 Movie
A specific Herbal tea blend will be given during the film to assist each body to relax.

08:30 Breakfast
09:45 Sacred plant medicine workshop 
10:30 Five Tibetans Vitality Yoga
11:30 Covid-19 workshop: Understanding and preventing. 
13:00 Plant based Lunch
14:00 Covid-19 expanded workshop
15:30 Free time
16:00 GUT Microbiome & Herbal workshop 
What is our micro-biome; do we have more than one? 
What is our GUT bacteria, how do we support it?
17:00 Free time
17:30 Respiratory & Herbal workshop 
18:00 Plant based dinner
19:30 Immunity & Sleep Hygiene Workshop
The importance of sleep V’s Immunity, what is the circadian rhythm, what is the importance of delta state of sleep
20:00 Movie
23:00 Guests retire to their bedrooms

09:00 Breakfast
09:45 Plant Energetics
Lets talk about plant signatures, doctrines and organoleptic
10:30 Five Tibetans Vitality Yoga
11:30 A Herbalist & Naturopathic approach
The 6 non naturals, its origins and its importance, how to live in balance with our constitutions
13:00 Plant based Lunch
14:00 Natural Preventative living 
17.30 Closing circle
End of Retreat and the start to a re-connection!

“Every body that attends will receive all powerpoint presentations with all links to studies via email at the end of the retreat, but bring a pen and book to write notes down”