Hoop Habit Energy Retreat

Facilitated by Andi Girl
Hoop Habit Energy Playshop

During this five-day, retreat-style playshop, you’ll connect–as a group–to the restorative energy of the hoop as a tool to heal the body and activate the mind. Healing is about manifesting the greatest potential in your life.

Hooping isn’t just “child’s play”; it’s all-ages play therapy for the soul. And the high-spirited atmosphere that comes along with it is truly contagious.

There’s no need to have hoop experience, and every body size is welcome. There will be laughter, light-hearted discovery, FUN and the freedom to get what you need. Simply prepare to smile and shine!

“Hooping at Creacon felt like a retreat within a retreat! You’ll return to your roots, and a natural state of being.” S.C.; New York, USA

In the process, you’ll learn how to:

  • awaken the body systems using energy
  • activate the chakras one-by-one
  • discuss the value of uncoiling the kundalini
  • identify consciousness around spirals and sacred geometry
  • celebrate self-empowerment
  • bring a personal practice to take home with you
  • create a conscious vortex
  • laugh, play, nap, dance, nap more and…
  • just BE

“Creacon, Ireland, allows for an inner journey to the subconscious. It’s a peaceful, relaxed, comfortable space to learn and go deep.”

This practice of movement and alignment teaches you how to balance life with sacred ceremony. In turn, you’ll discover your own boundaries, both inside and outside the hoop.

“It’s a master-class for beginners!” T.M.; Spain EU


Workshop Details

 Workshop starts on the 30th of May, 10AM  – 4th of June.

Hoop Habit Energy Playshop only  €178

The playshop includes:

  • Daily meal plan (optional) and Cafe access
  • Chakra Energy Playshop (21 hours in 5 days)
  • Book: “Hoop Habit, Foundations of Energy”
    ** “This master textbook–with details of key techniques and applications that anyone can use–can be referenced over and over!”
  • Meditations (active and sitting)
  • Laughter yoga
  • Community connection “satsang”
  • Tantra Fusion Playshop
  • Hoop jam and Collective Dance night
  • “Free day” excursions
  • Optional day passes for the retreat

Add on to your retreat experience! Unique packages and amenities, tailored to your needs, include treatments, therapies, classes, and excursions.

Bring your own hoops and any personal equipment or, if you’re just starting out, email for hoop suggestions.

Accommodation Prices

Five nights of accommodations including retreat:

Double Occupancy = €€448
Private Room = €560

Six nights of accommodations including retreat:
Double Occupancy = €502
Private Room = €637

A Non-Refundable Deposit of €150 is required for accommodation.

“This particular retreat, just before the Ireland Workshop with Derek, is perfect timing! It creates a space for tailored questions about real-time experiences.” M.M.; Santa Barbara, USA

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