Laws of Life Talk

Facilitated by: Donna Duffield

Room: Heart Room
Date: Wednesday 31st July 7PM
Cost: Free

Come along and enjoy this life changing workshop that will challenge and dissolve that which prevents you from simply being happy.

The Laws of Life talk is based on the premise that we are all at peace, contented and naturally joyous once we understand and live according to the divine truth. What prevents us from tapping into this natural energy is the false belief systems we hold, destructive mind patterns that create unnecessary suffering and stored past pain which we continue to perpetuate because of our ignorance and conditioning.

Understanding Suffering:

Suffering is a state of mind – Not circumstances – As you clear you mind – Suffering ceases – And well-being becomes your natural state.

This talk will show you how!


Please let us know if you will be attending by purchasing (price €0,00) online or call 051447666.




About the Speaker:


Donna holds a Dip Health and Fitness, BSc Psychology and MSc in Forensic Psychology. 10 years teaching mindful for the Irish Education system. Author of Laws of Life (Amazon) and Laws of Life An in-depth analysis (due out March 2019).

“My qualifications give me credibility but my experience is what makes me authentic. I was born into suffering and continued along this path until I was 33yrs old.  I was gifted with the experience of most types of suffering and as such became somewhat of an expert in this field.  I went to see many so called experts and found most with very little authentic knowledge. This forced me into a state where living became unbearable and thus my quest as matter of survival. I spent years researching and gradually found the solution to suffering; in the mind.  From there i went onto what i would call reprogramming the mind and found as many teachers both past and present have, my suffering disappeared and never returned.”

According to the area of Psychology and suffering someone like me with my background will always suffer with depression, anxiety and destructive behavioral patterns. I proved them wrong!