Learning to “THROW THE BONES” Workshop

Facilitated by: Sandra Grey Wolf

Room: Healing House
Date: Saturday 27th October 11:00am – 4:00pm
Cost: €40 including lunch – Oracle Board available to purchase separately

Learn to “THROW THE BONES” using the Earth Oracle Wheel to Heal

In this class, you will learn to “throw the bones” for yourself and others on the Earth Oracle Medicine Wheel of Life.  We are constantly walking the wheel of life, every one of the 8 directions speaks to us about an area of our life – the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects, and our Self-Concepts/Self-Esteem, our Sacred Dream (what we have come here to create), our Belief Systems and how we Move Energy in our life.  By throwing Animal pieces, symbols, and stones onto the wheel, we “read” our life and learn how to heal ourselves.

Sandra Grey Wolf has worked with Native American spirituality for 22 years and has put together this system of divination based on those teachings.

Sandra’s Earth Oracle Set which includes the Medicine Wheel board, the pieces and a book is available for purchase for 50 euro.  If you would like your own set to work with during the workshop, please make an order by October 10th. A deposit of 25 euro is required.

The workshop is 40 euro, the Oracle Set is 50 euro for a total of 90 euro for both.

You do not have to purchase the set to attend the workshop.

Please make sure to prebook your attendance as places are limited.