Mum’s List Legacy Workshop – Live Your Best Life

Facilitated by: Michelle O’Gorman
Date: 14th October / 18th of November
Time: 10am – 5pm
Price: €99 includes lunch

14th Oct & 18th of Nov

Inspired by the bestselling book and movie Mum’s List

This workshop is for anyone who is hurt, suffering or confused, those with a desire to change an aspect of their life or have a feeling that something bigger is waiting to awaken —their unique gift. Loss, illness and fear impacts all of our lives and brings about questions that confront the very meaning of our existence. Perhaps the most difficult emotions occur when facing the death of a loved one. However, grief, stress, guilt, anxiety, depression and anger can be significant challenges in our life as a result of abuse, divorce, job loss, health crisis, moving, losing a relationship, a pet dying, and other traumatic events.

The Mum’s List Legacy workshop is an extraordinary journey of personal discovery and deep healing. Using a unique combination of guided meditations, self-exploratory exercises, and proven mindfulness techniques, this workshop empowers people to overcome obstacles to their happiness and transform limiting beliefs so they can embrace both the challenges and opportunities that arrive in life with greater ease.

“The gift of impermanence is that happiness and peace are not dependent on what happens in your life, but on your mindset and the actions you take, no matter what comes your way.” Derek O’Neill

This workshop has the potential to create big shifts in people’s lives! By identifying the root-cause behind any physical, mental, and emotional imbalance or dis-ease, they can address the underlying issue and create healthy and happy relationships with their partner, friends, family, colleagues, money, food, and most importantly, with themselves!

Please RSVP by: 4th Oct/8th Nov

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