Live Your Epic Adventure Retreat with Stevey J. - Creacon Wellness Retreat

Facilitated by: Stevey McGeown
Room: Meditation Hall
Location: Creacon Wellness Retreat

Date: Friday, 28th – Sunday, 30th May 2021 

“Do more of what sets your soul on fire”

From the beginning of time the human spirit has prevailed and has overcome great adversities not only to survive but thrive in the most challenging environments. Deep within you lies this incredible power which is the Authentic, Amazing, Unstoppable YOU!

At the Live Your Epic Adventure, you will learn how to direct your energy towards the experiences you would love to have, the life you would love to live, the difference you would love to make, how you would love to lead, how you would love to be in your marriage and relationships, how you would love to be in your business and career and what you would love to make and allow happen in your life. Team Stevey J guide you to experience and explore how to activate your inner and deeper most being, allowing yourself to let go of any masks, stories or blocks.

Together with Stevey, you will go on an Epic Adventure and discover….

  • How to increase your focus and zest for life.
  • How to get better results and become a more productive and happier you.
  • How to get more natural confidence, more peace of mid, higher productivity levels and hot to be a winner in life.
  • The secrets, the tools and the tips I have learned and applied in my life over the past 10 years and especially during my recent 60 Ultra Marathon Epic Adventure.
  • How to become much more DECISIVE in everything you do.
  • Achieve absolute TOTAL CONCENTRATION regardless of what distractions surround you.. and use this to greatly enhance your skills as a writer, speaker, sales professional or student.
  • How to “SPARKLE” with charm, confidence, poise. Enjoy incredible, magnetic influence.
  • How to take back control of your emotions, thoughts and actions.
  • How to instantly CALM yourself – “on the spot” – no matter where you are – no matter how extreme the stress.
Are you ready to LIVE Your Epic Adventure at Creacon Wellness Retreat in January? JOIN Stevey and the gang, book you place today. 

“I found peace and clarity”

Ray Moylette – World Champion/Professional Boxer


“This has been the best turning point in my life so far. In relation to my business I can now focus and go after my goals with a clearer vision. I would absolutely recommend this retreat, it is amazing.”

Elaine – Business Owner


“The people that you meet, the energy is fantastic, it is really is a memorable event and you will bring it with you for the rest of your life. If you are the type of person that has audacious aims and you really want to strive and achieve those goals in life then this the retreat for you. Just go for it”

Jenny – Director of Honda