Live Your Epic Adventure Retreat with Stevey J.

Facilitated by: Stevey J International
Date: Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd October 2023

Live Your Epic Adventure Retreat & Mentoring Package.

“Do more of what sets your soul on fire”

“From the beginning of time the human spirit has prevailed and has overcome great adversities not only to survive but thrive in the most challenging environments. Deep within you lies this incredible power which is the Authentic, Amazing, Unstoppable YOU!” – Stevey J

Throughout the Live Your Epic Adventure Package, you will learn how to direct your energy towards the experiences you would love to have, the life you would love to live, the difference you would love to make, how you would love to lead, how you would love to be in your relationships, how you would love to be in your business and career and what you would love to make and allow happen in your life.

Stevey J International will guide you to experience and explore how to activate your inner genius and your deeper most being, allowing yourself to let go of any masks, stories or blocks.

What you get within the Live Your Epic Adventure Package:

A fully immersive weekend retreat in Creacon Wellness Retreat with Stevey International which has been bringing 1000’s of people phenomenal results for over 15+ years. You will learn tools and techniques on how to win. A wonderful opportunity to take a break from your busy lifestyle to take time & space for yourself in a relaxed environment. You will make life-long connections with other ambitious people who all desirre growth within themselves . Over the course of the weekend you will get absolute clarity and certainty, as well as the drive and confidence to move towards your vision & purpose. It is in the Heart of Creacon with trusted and expert mentors that your Epic Adventure begins.

More than just a retreat. You also receive a personal 1-1 Strategic Planning Session with an expert mentor after your Live Your Epic Adventure Retreat, 10 weeks of 1-1 mentoring to keep you on track and to ensure you understand and apply the success principles and emotional mastery tools. BONUS: LIFETIME access to ‘System For Life. Exclusive access to online portal containing educational videos, audios, meditations and downloadable worksheets.

Stevey J International are here to ensure you make lasting changes, helping you to activate your inner genius.

Together with Stevey J International, you will go on an Epic Adventure and discover….

How to increase your focus and zest for life.
How to get better results and become a more productive and happier you.
How to get more natural confidence, more peace of mind, higher productivity levels and hot to be a winner in life.
The secrets, the tools and the tips Stevey J learnt and applied in his life over the past 16 years and especially during the 60 Ultra Marathon in 60 days and 100 Marathons n Epic Adventure.
How to become much more DECISIVE in everything you do.
Achieve absolute TOTAL CONCENTRATION regardless of what distractions surround you.. and use this to greatly enhance your skills as a writer, speaker, sales professional or student.
How to “SPARKLE” with charm, confidence, poise. Enjoy incredible, magnetic influence.
How to take back control of your emotions, thoughts and actions.
How to instantly CALM yourself – “on the spot” – no matter where you are – no matter how extreme the stress
Every Live Your Adventure retreat is different because every group is different. Stevey J International goes with the energy of the room. Below is a rough guideline of the Live Your Epic Adventure experience in Creacon with the Team

Retreat Schedule:

09:00 Arrival and Check-in
10:00 Your Epic Adventure Begins
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Your Epic Adventure Continues
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Your Epic Adventure Continues

08:30 Breakfast
10:00 Recap from yesterday
10:30 Your Epic Adventure Continues
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Your Epic Adventure Continues
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Your Epic Adventure Continues

08:30 Breakfast
10:00 Heart Room: Paradise Meditation
12:00 Retreat Ends

If you are ready to LIVE Your Epic Adventure at Creacon Wellness Retreat with Stevey J International simply book in for your complementary clarity call with the Team to find out more.


“You will get a return on investment for the rest of your life. If you value yourself and you are looking to find out why you are here on this planet you need to go to Live Your Epic Adventure”

Simon Newell – Owner of Renewell Water

“The work Stevey J done with us was the highlight of our year”
Ray D’Arcy – RTE Radio & Television presenter
“I found peace and clarity”

Ray Moylette – World Champion/Professional Boxer

“This has been the best turning point in my life so far. In relation to my business I can now focus and go after my goals with a clearer vision. I would absolutely recommend this retreat, it is amazing.”

Elaine – Business Owner

“The people that you meet, the energy is fantastic, it really is a memorable event and you will bring it with you for the rest of your life. If you are the type of person that has audacious aims and you really want to strive and achieve those goals in life then this is the retreat for you. Just go for it”

Jenny – Director of Honda