Michael Henry: Unlock Your Secret

Facilitated by:  Michael Henry & Barry Ferris

Dates: Sunday 11th August 12:30 – 6PM
Room: Meditation Hall

– Learn about & understand your connection to the universe and how to harness the law of attraction as featured in the movie / book “the secret”
– Learn to connect to ‘yourself’
– Unlock your abilities to manifest the life you desire
– Learn the practical techniques used by Barry and  many others around the world (grounding, journaling, gratitude exercises, meditation, stress / pain reduction & management, e.f.t, & much more!)

By the end of this day, you will have learned to recognise the blocks that are holding you back and how to move through them! The grand finale will be a glass walk as you stand fully empowered and ready to embrace the person you were born to be!

Please note the event will be filmed .. images will be used for tv, youtube and promotional purposes. Anyone attending consents for the use of their image and testimonials for said purposes.