Tibetan Wheel Of Life – Creacon Wellness Retreat

Tibetan Wheel Of Life

Facilitated by Marcela J Giavris
Room: Meditation Hall
Price: € 10

Every Friday from 11AM – 1PM

These classes draw from the work of spiritual teachers of all traditions including the Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and Mohammed. We mainly use Buddhist terminology as it is an ageless wisdom that can be found throughout all the traditions.

Using wisdom from books such as “Tibetan Book of Living and Dying”, “Peaceful Death, Joyful Re-Birth” and “The Teachings of the Karmic Wheel of Life”, as re-introduced by Derek O’Neill, we intend to awaken this ancient knowledge within ourselves. By looking at how the teachings apply to our own experiences, we can explore how to transform our suffering into the empowerment to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Having looked at ourselves first, we can then look at the world around us with a more compassionate perspective, and be of service to those we encounter.

Each class will end with a beautiful, candle lit meditation.

Pay online or at reception when you arrive.

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