NLP Essentials for Teachers and Parents


NLP- Neuro Linguistic  Programming is the modelling of human nature in terms of behaviours, thought patterns and communication! In provides tools to know and understand ourselves, how we live,how we think, do and communicate internally and to the outside world. It provides techniques to make real changes and choices for the better which affect not just our lives but the lives of those around us.

What we will experience.

NLP -how it can help

  • Communication and listening with much clearer understanding
  • How to catch our own filters which shade our view of life
  • How to spot a limiting belief in  yourself or a child  and how to support a positive change
  • Setting goals for going forward

 NLP provides so many tools to help with teaching and parenting, form understanding our own and our children’s behaviours to communicating much more clearly and listening with more understanding of whats actually being said, without our own filters or beliefs getting in the way. Essential tools and techniques to bring new awareness of human behaviours to how we live, teach or parent!


Dates:Sunday 24th July

Hours: 9.30 for 10.00am start finishing up around 4.30pm.

Exchange: 100 inc lunch

Location: Creacon Lodge wellness Centre

Ring Creacon Lodge 051447666 or Colette 0858551155