Numerology Workshop

Facilitated by: Dheai Ilsaaid and Elizabeth Dooley
Room: Heart room
Date: Sunday 9th June 7pm – 10pm
Cost: €80

Have you ever questioned certain numbers that keep appearing for you in your life? Specific dates? Are the dates of your birthday significant in more ways than one?

This Numerology workshop will discuss how all numbers are there for a reason and how they influence every aspect of your life.
Learn to read the numbers and their importance to help guide you on your path and through all the relationships in your life.
This Numerology workshop is part three of three that can be done as a stand alone experience to learning the influence of all the numbers in your life and in lives of your loved ones. Each workshop will come with a certificate of attendance.

About Dheai

Dheai is a general oriental practitioner who has studied in oriental medicine, anatomy, physiology, hypnotherapy and western clinical medicine. He is a Reiki master and yoga facilitator who addresses all his treatments and teachings with a holistic perspective.
A most inspiring and exciting workshop not to be missed.
Book online or contact Dheai on 086 077 770 for more information.