Rising Star Initiation & Training

Facilitated by: Marcela Jacova Giavris
Dates:  Sunday 7th July 2024, 11am -5pm
Cost: Training & Initiation €500, Refresher €100

The fee doesn’t include SQ-Wellness membership, in order to practice Rising Star commercially, SQ-Wellness membership is required.

Rising Star Healing System Initiation & Training Workshop.

The Rising Star Healing System is a living energy – that continually adapts, adjusts, and incorporates new healing energies as they emerge.
Practitioner certification is available to all who wish to become Rising Star Practitioner. This energy therapy is highly effective tool that assist humanity in moving forward toward health, happiness & enlightenment. Certification class offers a warm & inviting experience that incorporate training, manuals, & hands-on practice.

Rising Star Training Overview

  • Learn the origin of the Rising Star & its lineage
  • Receive powerful Source to Source Minjushri Initiation
  • Get access to powerful SOHAM Meditation
  • Training how to facilitate private sessions, providing you with training material with full instructions
  • Receive Rising Star session
  • Practice offering a Rising Star session
  • Technique certification & access to SQ Membership
  • Best practices, session experiences, Q&A
  • Tips to help you build your own private practice

Rising Star Initiation

Upon receiving this powerful initiation called Minjushri and certification, your vibration will increase and you will move forward on your spiritual path, healing yourself and releasing more of the negative ego that keeps you stuck in old patterns. In this way, you become a clearer channel through which these healing energies can flow to assist others on their journey. Even if you do not plan to offer sessions to others, once the energy of the Rising Star are within your aura that healing energy will benefit all who come into your energy field. Becoming a practitioner or teacher of the Rising Star and will enable you to be in greater service to yourself, others and the Divine.

What is Spiritual Initiation?

This Initiation & certification is sacred rite recently given to humanity by Source. It is from Source to Source, completely pure. This healing system is highly effective tool that assist humanity in moving forward toward health & enlightenment.
A Spiritual Initiation however, involves the transfer of energy from Source to the initiate, in order to awaken a consciousness or energy within. As the initiate’s consciousness rises, their perspective shifts to a higher vision, and they are able to make higher choices in their daily life, thus supporting their spiritual growth. Genuine spiritual initiations significantly raise the vibration of the initiate, enabling them to hold more energy & Divine Light in their being. Often, spiritual initiations open a channel for a particular Divine sacred energy to flow from Source, through the initiate, to another person, enabling the initiate to be in greater service.
When we are drown to receive a spiritual initiation, it is because that initiation is a part of our destiny, part of our spiritual Journey toward Enlightenment. Often the energy or consciousness awakened with an initiation already lies within us, and the time is ripe for that energy to rise.
We are also drawn to spiritual initiations when we realise that material world cannot bring us happiness.
We search for more meaning in life and find that closer connection with Source and being in greater service to others is the only path to fulfilment and discovering our True Self.


“Minjushri, Bodhisattva of Wisdom, is a mirror of Divine Intelligence within each of us. He embodies the Rising Star & the wisdom of all the Buddhas in the past and those still to come. The Rising Star is laying the ground work for this to happen by preparing the humanity to heal through Teachings & energy. In his right hand he holds a double edged sword, which represent cutting away old beliefs, hurts and patterns. It also represents wisdom cutting through ignorance. In his other hand he holds the teachings long lost to humanity but being returned now through the Rising Star and More Truth Will Set You Free workshops. Minjushri represents clear knowledge of reality and will help you master your life with perfection, eloquence & peace.”


Meet the facilitator

Marcela Jacova Giavris

A Creacon practitioner and a teacher of Rising Star and Prema Birthing energy healing. Trained and certified facilitator of More Truth Will Set You Free healing workshops as well as wellness workshops of meditation, mindfulness & deep personal transformation. Marcela runs her deep transformational retreats several times a year.

“I have always been interested in healing arts and spirituality as fundamental way of life. Every single service I offer is based on deep experiences, process of healing and spiritual awakening.”

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