Spring Equinox

Facilitated by: Danny Ahern
Date: Sunday 24th March 2024, 7pm – 9.30pm
Cost: €25

Spring Equinox Celebrations 
On the Spring (or Vernal) Equinox we experience a balance of equal amounts of light and darkness in the 24 hours of the day. The period of time on this day between sunrise and sunset is equal as we move between the beginning of Springtime (Imbolg at the beginning of February) & Bealtaine (the beginning May) & start of summertime in the Celtic Calendar — The days have been growing slightly longer each day since the Winter Solstice in December & in spring we are in the rebirth of the earth. The Spring equinox marks the turning point when daylight begins to overtake the darkness and the North Pole begins to lean toward the sun again. The days will start to see more sunlight from now up to the peak of the Summer Solstice. The winds of change bring focus to our creative energies at this time & ask for our commitment to follow through on that focus be it through work or play.
The darkness of the winter months is behind us, when we were encouraged by the earths energies to rest in the darkness & curl up in the heat & comfort of one’s home. The light is now unfolding & we can witness springtime in its beauty as nature has begun its path to abundance of summer time. The equinox brings a balance of feminine & masculine energies, with winter a time of feminine & summer a time of masculine energies. We allow this to unfold for us naturally without forcing things & let life blossom in an organic way.
The Spring Equinox is a time of celebrating the freshness of life.  Allow ourselves at this time to raise our energy to regenerate abundance and manifest our dreams. The light is noticeable in the mornings & the evening times & in the old Irish saying, many will be heard to speak the words, ‘There’s a grand stretch in the evenings’ as more people get out for exercise after the daily routine of work. 
Thousands of ancient sites have been created around the world in honour of the solstices & equinoxes to celebrate our connection to the Sun, our life & light force. Since the beginning of time, our ancestors have marked this period with ritual and celebration. As you know, there are thousands of ancient sites created around solstices and equinoxes that were built to honour our connection to the Sun as the source of our light and life force. Our ancestors build Loughcrew ancient passage tombs in County Meath which allow the sunlight of the Spring Equinox to illuminate the cairn. These ancient burial grounds were a sacred place where rituals & gatherings took place where people celebrated their ancestors, God’s & nature.

During this event the following healing will be offered:

  • Opening sacred space
  • Shamanic cleansing
  • Embracing new growth
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Journeying drumming circle

Danny Ahern is a practicing Shaman, who received his training in the Irish Centre for Shamanic studies, Dunderry, County Meath & Smithfield, Dublin with Sli an Chroi.