The Master Key to Your Happiness

Facilitator: Marcela J. Giavris
Date: Sundays 3:00pm-4:00pm
Price: €12 

Life-Changing Wellness workshop of Personal Transformation, Meditation and Mindfulness

This workshop is a road map how to live your Best Life with greater purpose, gratitude, and joy. You deserve Happiness, this is your Birthright. These workshops are an opportunity to identify dis-harmonies and neutralize the causes, as well as learn proven techniques to guide you back to Happiness. This workshop also offers a fun and exploratory approach of Ancient Wisdom Teachings from various traditions including Celtic, Buddhist and Vedic.


  • Turn your challenges into opportunities
  • Self-confidence & Empowerment
  • Connect Spirit, Mind & Body
  • Remove Limiting belief systems
  • Access untapped potential
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety
  • Healing Emotional Pain
  • Deep shift in your energy system

For questions or more information contact Marcela 0862759807 or Creacon 051447666

Are you ready to be free or are you happy being the victim with the sad story in your life? ​If you want to change, it takes team work and it begins with you showing up for your life, not just surviving it.​ So bring all your tears, your pains, your joys and your sorrows, and show up as who you are.We wish you well on your Journey!

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About Marcela

This life-changing workshop is a result of many various trainings Marcela took under the guidance of Derek O’Neill and years of continues deep inner work. It combines Teachings of More Truth Will Set You Free workshop of personal transformation and practical spirituality, Teachings of Wellness workshop of Mindfulness and Meditation MLL, Karmic Wheel of Life and Wisdom Teachings from Vedic tradition. It also incorporates techniques from Neuro -Linguistic program and it will very simply love you back to yourself :-)

Marcela is skilled Practitioner and Teacher of Life-changing energy Therapies – Rising Star and Prema Birthing. She also does private sessions of Oracle Readings that combine The Wisdom of Avalon, Numerology & messages from Loving Kindness.