The Power of You

Facilitated by: Hilary Connor
Room: Meditation Hall
Date: Thursday 25th of October 7:30 – 9pm
Cost: €15

An Evening of Mindful Empowerment, with Hilary Connor.

This insightful talk is focused on helping you to realign with the infinite power and potential within. Hilary will share her wisdom and practical guidance on how we can best navigate ourselves and our minds on a day to day basis to a place where we feel more in control, calm and at peace.

The highly effective tools and techniques Hilary will share on the evening can be easily integrated into our lives and can have a transformational effect on our mindset, our emotional body and the overall direction our lives take.


The topics Hilary will focus on are:


The Power of You

The importance of Choice, Love and Fear

Cause and effect

Intuition – The wisdom within

The purpose of pain

The real purpose of meditation

The effectiveness of showing up

Stepping out of the discomfort of the comfort zone

How self-actualization can be realised with an empty vessel

The Power of Trust and Natural Law


If you would like to join us for dinner beforehand please give us a call to book a table.


About Hilary:

Hilary Connor is an Author, Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, Teacher and natural intuitive with a Wellness Practice in Gorey, Co Wexford. She has featured as a guest on many national and international radio stations including Alchemy Radio, Southeast Radio & Dublin City FM. Her debut novel, Saoirse, which relates to Irish Social History and Spiritual Transformation has featured in the Irish Independent newspaper. Hilary has been guest speaker at many seminars & events and holds regular Motivational Talks on Mindful Empowerment, along with Spiritual & Personal Development courses, workshops & online seminars where she continues to share her passion for helping people realize the potential for greatness within each and every one of us.

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