Transformative Breathwork Journey

Facilitated by: Seamus
Dates: Sunday 3rd March 2024, 3.30PM – 5.00PM
Price: €55

An immersive and empowering breathwork experience that will take you on an inward journey of self-discovery and healing.

March workshop will be focused on Beliefs. The session will help to open the door to the subconscious mind and provide possibility to get rid of outdated beliefs, or negative thoughts, or even patterns of self sabotage, so as to learn empowering beliefs, think positive thoughts about ourselves and the world around us, and ultimately end self sabotaging behaviours.

Through conscious connected breathing techniques, you will unlock the power of your breath to release stress, cultivate inner peace, and tap into your limitless potential.

As well as breathing techniques, this breathwork journey will be accompanied by appropriate music, guidance by an experienced breathwork facilitator, and will be conducted in a supportive group setting.

This breathwork journey promises to be a transformative exploration of mind, body, and spirit.

Unleash the healing energy within and embark on a breathwork journey like no other.

Benefits of Transformational Breathwork can include:

  • Stress, Anxiety, Trauma Release
  • Somatic Healing
  • Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Belief Clearing
  • Expanded levels of consciousness
  • Mood & Emotional Regulation

About your facilitator

Seamus is a local man, originally from Enniscorthy, and is a certified Breathwork Facilitator,  Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner (Neurolinguistic Programming), and Corporate Wellness Coach.

After a Military career spanning 22 years, in 2020 he decided on a change of career direction. Having first trained as a Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, he then integrated breathwork into his practice to support mind, body and spirit.

Having discovered the powerful effect that Transformational Breathwork had for individuals in releasing limiting beliefs, trauma, disempowering thoughts, etc.. he now uses breathwork, alongside coaching, to deliver a holistic approach to healing and self-development for individuals and groups.


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