Transition into Autumn

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Facilitated by: Katie
Room: Meditation Hall
Date: Saturday 3rd October 3:30PM – 6:30PM
Price: €40

Transition into Autumn: Yoga & Meditation Workshop.

It is time to give yourself permission to take the pause you need to re-harmonize, restore, and gain clarity, so you can make choices that create sustainable, supportive realities.

This workshop will support you in transitioning into the Autumn season and tap into the specific energy that is available to you.

Restore and re-balance. Become more conscious about what your body is telling you. When you slow down and listen to your body, you get guidance. This re-balancing will help you stay devoted to your well-being and inner guidance.

Reflect and receive. Look back and see all you have done and become. One of the biggest reasons we feel overwhelmed, and continue to stay stuck in the patterns of overworking, overdoing, and burning out, is because we don’t pause long enough to really receive what has happened. When you take a moment to reflect on what has occurred, you stop making your choices from a place of stress.

Refocus. Get clear on what matters and where to focus your life force for the remainder of the year. Yes, there are many things you could do during the last three months of the year, and many you want to do, but what really matters most?

You will feel energized, yet relaxed and grounded. The practice is designed to help you ground and let go, allowing you to open the body and deepen the yoga poses.

Autumn is related to the organs of the lungs and large intestine.

The guided meditation will help you to become mentally and emotionally relaxed.

The yoga practice, for the large intestine in particular, will encourage the flow of movement and the release of all that does not serve us. Working at your own pace, you will be guided to move fluidly with your breath through a series of poses.

This workshop is suitable for all levels.

Workshop Schedule:
3:30pm Welcome Circle
3:40pm Movement and Breath-work
4:15pm Guided Meditation/Visualization
4:45pm Break and refreshments
5:00pm Yoga Practice
6:15pm Relaxation
6:30pm Finish


Spaces are limited and fill up fast so please book in advance.

Check out Katie’s overnight retreat ‘Embrace Your Inner Goddess’ in October 2020.