Walking The Labyrinth Outside

Facilitator: Marcela J Giavris
Room: Creacon Labyrinth
Date: Fridays 11:45AM-12:45pm

Price: €10

“Walking Mindful Meditation in Creacon’s Labyrinth”

Outdoor class -weather dependent.

We will start with deep relaxation to neutralise any accumulated stress and anxiety in our being and to get access to the deeper level of our consciousness and will proceed with Walking Mindful Meditation.
Walking Mindful Meditation is a way to practice moving with a goal or intention to be fully present and conscious. Mindful walking simply means walking while being aware of each step and of our breath. It can be practiced anywhere, whether you are alone in nature or with others in a crowded city.
We will incorporate a powerful Goal setting guided meditation to gain clarity on whatever goal we are working towards. In this context Walking Mindful Meditation can be used to gain clarity on what we need to know to manifest specific goal into reality.

Online booking essential. If due to weather the class is cancelled your payment will be transferred to another date or another class you would like to attend.