Finding Balance

Finding Balance: With A New Perspective

Some people say they’re busy and others are so busy they don’t understand how their friends cannot be busy – or have time for hobbies or adventures. In this fast paced society, they say it’s all about balance yet the trick is finding that balance, isn’t it?  We have so many things that require our attention and pull us in many directions throughout our day, yet have you wondered when will you pull yourself in the direction you want to go – setting aside some personal quality time?

The Five Tibetan Rites

I am one of those busy people yet I was introduced to a yoga practice that was powerfully effective and structured in such a way to help me dramatically improve my balance and therefore reduce my stress levels.  The Five Tibetan Rites yoga practice was taught to me by Creacon owner, Derek O’Neill in 2006. I have been practicing since then and hold classes 3 times a week at Creacon.

The benefits I and my students have experienced include not only muscle toning but also mental clarity, improved digestion, and overall vitality.  This vital energy that is harnessed from practicing these five simple yet physically challenging exercises, begins to slow down or even reverse the aging process – can you believe it? Any time I have felt icky or just in a down mood, when I jump into my Five Tibetan’s I am truly transformed into a ball of energy, clear and sharp and ready to take on the world.

My spirit resonates from the energetic upliftment that is felt after doing the Five Tibetans. My mind simply seems to have emptied itself of any non-essential stress inducing clutter that was previously distracting it. And from the physical activities, my body appreciates the stretching and strengthening. It’s a win-win-win for yourself to adopt these simple exercises to your routine. I have even experienced and observed that chronic pain is also reduced and in some cases removed from practicing the Five Tibetan yoga positions over the course of few weeks. This reduced pain and mental clarity, truly alleviates much of the stressors that contaminate our daily thoughts and reality.

Not only are the actual activities beneficial, but when our bodies and minds take a break from our growing work load or stagnant desk position, this greatly reduces the stress in our lives. The endorphins created during your practice will also enhance your mood – you may feel glowing and radiant with your new harnessed energy. Your friends may ask you what you have done differently today or why you are in such a good energized mood! It is amazing to observe the results of a simple let powerful yoga exercise. As the Five Tibetan yoga positions cover all the requirements for fitness except for cardio, I find them to be a life saver as a standard practice will only last around 20-30 minutes.  This leaves time for your other distractions to be addressed or removed and keeps you sharp in your top performance state.

I feel like Five Tibetan yoga is like concentrated yoga – a lot packed into a short session and with all the added benefits. If you are looking for a structured class to apply to your life, I couldn’t recommend the Five Tibetan yoga enough.

Written by Jonathan Keenan

event-five-tibetans_grandeFIVE TIBETAN RITES YOGA CLASSES

Facilitated by Jonathan Keenan
Room: Meditation Hall

Saturday, Monday, Wednesday
10:30AM – 11:10AM

Join us for a class of exercises that will work your core, manage your weight, boost your energy, tone your body, and clear you mind! Not your normal yoga class – the Five Tibetans will revolutionise your physical and energetic self!

Anti-slip mats, blocks, straps are provided. Wear something comfortable and flexible. Bring your smile and bring a friend.