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Food Is Medicine

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Nutritional Therapy

Mealtime at Creacon is a way to nourish, balance and fuel the body. Based on our Food Is Medicine philosophy, Chef Gaetano Pernagallo creates mouth-watering, healthy meals that nurture the body. With his Ayurvedic training and thirty years’ experience, he masterfully incorporates seasonal ingredients, herbs and spices to create delicious recipes that benefit your body and help balance your systems.

Let food be your medicine. Let medicine be your food.

✓  Normalise Digestion

✓  Manage Weight

✓  Decrease Inflammation


Our meals are designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy. The mind and the body are intricately connected, freedom from illness not only depends upon the food we eat, but expanding our awareness and bringing all parts of our being into balance. Come, join us for a meal.

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Juicing is incredibly beneficial in healing and wellness. It clears out toxins and provides a concentrated amount of nutrients to help rebalance the body’s systems, improve immunity, rejuvenate the skin, and much more.

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