Forgiveness Meditation

Derek O'Neill

Forgiveness is a logical result of living life with awareness and consciousness. If we remain mindful of the bigger picture when someone hurts us, we gain an understanding of how their own issues and attitudes have affected them. Compassion, empathy, and forgiveness flow if we remain aware.

Forgiveness may not come right away. It is often a process. Feelings are always changing. The wish for revenge or retribution shifts if we allow the natural pendulum of life to swing away from those initial feelings. Forgiveness is non-reactive. It is contemplative and restores balance and peace. This is not to say you must feel this way right from the start. Knowing the value of forgiveness is the ability to pause, breathe deeply, and take time to think before you double down on anger and resentment. Once you can step into a forgiving mindset, a world of possibility opens. Though we may think of forgiveness as giving something up, it is really an opportunity to gain more than we could have ever imagined.

Guided Meditation

Derek O’Neill released a powerful guided meditation this week, to help us release old wounds and heal on a deep level. Enjoy.