Importance of a New Moon

A new Moon occurs once a month when the Moon and the Sun come together at the same degree of the zodiac. This event always brings about a new chapter of our journey. The energy of a new Moon is very similar to a newly planted seed that lies in the rich soil just underneath the surface. As the Moon goes through its monthly cycle, becoming a crescent, a half Moon and so on, the seed begins to lay its roots, break through the surface, and ultimately flower at the full Moon.

That seed is a new beginning that occurs in every life, and it is experienced in as many ways as there are people. The sign that the New Moon occurs in has properties that relate to those new energies, and provides an overall theme for the month ahead. On June 13 we experienced a Gemini New Moon, which brought an increased amount of activity to every life. On July 13 a Cancer new Moon occurs that brings us all to core matters. Circumstances related to family, the home and deeply rooted issues stemming from childhood will come up for review and hopefully for clearing during the course of the month. This particular new Moon is also a solar eclipse, which means there are likely to be unexpected circumstances that affect us at the deepest level. Eclipses are important as they bring about shifts that ultimately shake us loose from long held emotional and ideological beliefs.

There is another Solar eclipse at the August new Moon on August 11, this time in the sign of Leo. Both of these eclipses, the one in Cancer in July and this one in Leo in August are both deeply connected to the Moon and the Sun, as those are the two signs that are disposed by those ‘planets’. The Leo New Moon eclipse speaks to a shift in our consciousness that we will be able to take forward with us into the fall and winter months. The Leo New Moon is about our capacity to find the blessing in everything we do, and to shift our perspective from what we feel we lack to what we realize we have. Leo is the sign of inner gratitude, and that is a quality that allows us to shine brightly, in service to every life we touch.

It’s always a good idea to be aware of the New Moon event, because that is the perfect time to identify your hopes and wishes for the month ahead.  It is a moment of newness when the potential to become whatever we hope for is at its most profound. Actually, making a wish on the new Moon is a great idea, especially if you can let that desire go and then watch it as it manifests for you.

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Stephanie Azaria