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Live Your Epic Adventure

From the beginning of time the human spirit has prevailed and has overcome great adversities not only to survive but thrive in the most challenging environment’s. Deep within you lies this incredible power which is the authentic amazing unstoppable you. Creacon Wellness Retreat is excited to host life coach Stevey J, for his Live Your Epic Adventure Retreat November 17th to 19th 2017. Steven will share the mind set it takes to achieve at the highest levels.

“Emotional, transformative, phenomenal, life-changing, incredible, soul satisfying, epic, amazing, fun, inspiring, heart healing, inspiring… If you’ve never heard Stevey speak, attended one of his events, or his retreats, I urge you to do so now. You’re worth it.”

Janet Darlene Hillier Sproule

About Steven

As one of Ireland’s most prolific Motivation Coaches, Stevey J is a dynamic and entertaining Motivational Speaker who inspires and motivates his audience to new levels of peak performance. He will share with you the mindset it takes to achieve at your highest levels whilst living a life of fulfilment satisfaction and joy.

Steven is an entrepreneur who at the age of 25 set up 13 health clubs nationwide and in 2003 was awarded as international franchisee out of 5000 businesses globally. He has travelled to the 4 corners of the World to train and work with the leading forces in the results industry and is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness.

For the past decade Steven McGeown’s life has been committed to assisting individuals and companies achieve extraordinary results, maximise their performance and activate more of their hidden potential. His true passion is to help you create lasting change which leads to greater fulfilment in both your personal and business life.

The Retreat

Together with Stevey you will go on an Epic Adventure and discover….

  • How to increase your focus and zest for life.
  • The secrets, the tools and the tips I have learned and applied in my life over the past 10 years and especially during my recent 60 Ultra Marathon epic adventure
  • How to get more natural confidence, more peace of mind, higher productivity levels and how to be a winner in life.
  • How to “SPARKLE” with charm, confidence, poise..enjoy incredible, magnetic influence.
  • How to become much more DECISIVE in everything you do!
  • How to instantly CALM yourself – “on the spot” – no matter where you are – no matter how extreme the stress.
  • How to take back control of your emotions thoughts and actions.

We are only taking a limited number of people into this program so that we can make this more of an intimate setting really digging in to help you with your specific dreams and goals. When this sells out we will be pulling this site down so please don’t delay.

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Photo by Cara Fuller on Unsplash