Conscious Manifestation Package

Conscious Manifestation Package

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The Conscious Manifestation Package is a monthly subscription to support spiritual awakening. It provides a topic of focus for 60-days, daily energetic support, a monthly 1-hour online Zoom class on the second Saturday of every month, and a new package (delivered every other month) containing a different set of consciously chosen tools, fun reminders and other surprises to assist in purification, empowerment and expansion, all related to our group topic of focus.

Every package is also infused with an energetic mantra that corresponds to our package topic by Creacon Wellness Retreat Founder Derek O’Neill. These special mantras are aligned to support our transformation and consciousness shifts in these areas and are not available for separate purchase. We have done our best to only source compostable and recyclable packaging materials and trust you appreciate our efforts.

How It Works

Motivated by a desire to support Creacon and us all in our awakening, the idea of creating this gift for ourselves grew from the need to feel connected with each other and to Creacon, where we feel nurtured by the peaceful energy of being home. This special program helps support our sacred home away from home while also supporting all of us in our spiritual journeys.

Each item in the Manifestation Package is chosen consciously for us to awaken to the knowledge that we are One, and to bring a deep understanding of our theme, as we work from the 4 Pillars of Understanding, with the ever-present Ego.

We’re so happy to bring these blessings of Creacon into your homes and to partner in helping to shine a greater light in the world by focusing together on a specific topic for purification, raising consciousness, and spiritual awakening. Together, we are stronger!

Please note, to manage your subscription including payment methods or pausing your subscription, this is done by yourself within your Creacon Shopify account. Thank you for your continued support.

Group Connection

Learning, purifying and raising our consciousness as a group will make our group consciousness stronger, happier and brighter. You are an important part of this massive light. By working together on an area of focus first with ourselves, we can transform the world of which we are a part.  Our collective focus on a specific theme, under the guidance and loving protection of the powerful lineage of powerful teachings and our beautiful family can create miracles.

To facilitate group connection, healing and self-discovery, join us on the ‘Second Saturday’ of every month for a 1-hour online Zoom class related to our topic. These classes will be led by existing experienced workshop facilitators and teachers* and will not be recorded. Anyone who has purchased a one-time package or enrolled in the subscription program will receive an email with a zoom link.

* If you would like to be considered to facilitate an upcoming class, please email us at

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Our collective focus on a specific theme, under the guidance and loving protection of the lineage, can create miracles. Join us today as a subscription or make a one-time purchase for yourself or as a gift!