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Conscious Manifestation Package

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The Conscious Manifestation Package is a monthly subscription to support your spiritual awakening. It provides a topic of focus for 60-days, daily energetic support, a monthly 1-hour online Zoom class, and a new package (delivered every other month) containing a different set of consciously chosen tools, fun reminders and other surprises to assist in purification and expansion all related to our group topic of focus. These packages may also contain special mantras or mudras from Derek which are not available for purchase.

How It Works

Motivated by a desire to support Creacon – our sacred home away from home – and assist students in their spiritual awakening, the conscious gift-package subscription was born. The idea is for participants to contemplate the same topic, connect with each other and feel supported by the nurturing and peaceful energy of Creacon.

Each item in the Manifestation Package is chosen consciously for us to awaken to the knowledge that we are One, and to bring a deep understanding of our theme, as we work from the 3 Pillars of Understanding and the ever-present Ego.   Our intention is to collectively contemplate topics with these tools for 60 days to deepen our awareness and expand our consciousness.

Group Connection

Together we are stronger! The vision is BRIGHT because we will be working together. Learning as a group under the guidance and loving protection of the powerful lineage of our beautiful family will make our group consciousness stronger, happier and brighter and expand out to the collective. To facilitate group connection, healing and self-discovery, each subscription cycle will feature a 1-hour online Zoom classes each month focused on our group topic, at no additional charge.   These classes will be led by existing experienced workshop facilitators and teachers* and will not be recorded. Anyone enrolled in the subscription program will receive an email with a zoom link for anyone who wishes to join.

You are an important part of this massive light, as by working together on an area of focus first with ourselves – as a laser beam of light  – we will light up the sky, and transform the world of which we are a part. 

* If you would like to be considered to facilitate an upcoming class, please email us at

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Our collective, focused intention on a specific theme, under the guidance and loving protection of the lineage, can create miracles. Join us today!