Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

Stress can be one of the most harmful elements in our lives. It affects our well-being on so many levels. Our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health are all subject to how we deal with stress. Mindfulness and meditative techniques are some of the most effective methods to naturally combat stress. The cost of stress, on both a personal and societal level, is huge. Learning to be mindful in any situation or environment has the power to bring about real change. Meditation offers downtime for the brain, and being mindful gives you new perspectives. When you see the bigger picture of whatever is going on, you can be more relaxed and better able to see connections and solutions that can alleviate stress. Acceptance of all that happens to you is key, even the stress that you feel must be recognized and welcomed in order to let it go.

Mindful meditation helps us to focus our attention, but also teaches us how to disconnect from the stress we may be feeling which is attached to an event or situation. When you meditate you bring your subconscious into your conscious, and connect into the superconscious that taps into the inner-net of awareness. When we accept our stress and see past it, we can turn situations around in our lives and in the lives of others. We can actually lift the vibration of the collective consciousness through our own awareness.

It’s important to remember that the space between two pains is happiness, and the space between two happinesses is pain. When you can accept where you are at a given moment, it automatically flips the switch to the opposite. So, if you’re in pain and you accept that pain, happiness becomes your lot. If you’re happy and you don’t accept that happiness (thinking you will lose it), you will feel pain. Mindfulness aids in getting you to a place where happiness and sadness, and stress and peacefulness, are one and the same thing. We cannot be happy all the time.


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