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January 2023

LuxLife Award

Creacon earns this year’s ‘Best Health & Wellness Retreat 2023’ LuxLife Award

Our lives these days can be hectic. Rushing our way through every day, bouncing from one task to another becomes a the daily norm.  Finding an oasis of calm and tranquility to completely relax and unwind is the only thing that will do the trick.


Get Your Creacon

With the modern-day professional pressure to always be ‘on’, it doesn’t leave much time for self reflection. Lisa Connell tells of how checking in to a weekend retreat helped her check back in with herself.


The Irish Times

Creacon featured in ‘the best healthy breaks and holidays’. 

How’s that New Year’s fitness regime? Here are some options to get you back on track…



“…My stay at the award-winning Creacon Wellness Retreat was one of the most magical experiences in my life. … My room was quaint, cozy, and deeply peaceful. No TV, no bright lights, no noise, and no distractions. For the first time in a long while, I slept like a baby.”


The Irish Sun

“The retreat specialises in relaxing yoga and meditative getaways — perfect for sceptical city types like ourselves… From the moment we stepped inside the lodge, we felt immediately welcomed and soothed.”


Happy Magazine Reviews Creacon: Day 1

Day 1: We are here for a one night/two day stay to discover what the Creacon Wellness experience feels like so that we can share it with you here on Happy Magazine.


Happy Magazine Reviews Creacon: Day 2

Day 2: After an absolutely silent night tucked up in our comfortable beds at Creacon, we both woke before our 7am alarm this morning feeling refreshed – how wonderful.


Creacon: An Oasis of Tranquility

On arrival at Creacon, we were immediately impressed by the manicured grounds and the imposing façade of this country manor style premises.



On entering the little driveway, a cute Buddha welcomed me with a smile from the garden, and as I parked, my eye was drawn to a sign that said, ‘it’s a wonderful life.’  My usual frantic adrenalin immediately began to settle itself.


Lama Award WInner

Creacon Wins Silver for Best Business Working with the Community at the  Community & Council Awards 2018.

MAY 2017

Hospitality Ireland

Q&A: With Gaetano Pernagallo, Head Chef at Creacon Wellness Retreat

MARCH 2017

Positive Life

Break those busy patterns. As the old saying goes, ‘if you are too busy to meditate, that’s when you really need to meditate’. After a rest, you return to your tasks with a clearer mind. You get a lot more done and your brain is in much better shape when it’s had a break.

FEB 2017

Positive Life

Their Food Is Medicine programme introduces Eastern Therapeutic Cuisine and Ayurvedic meals to the menu. The philosophy is  food is designed to nourish and keep you sweet and healthy and give you energy.

FEB 2017

Irish Country Magazine

If you want to embrace mindfulness to calm the thoughts in your head and learn to stay present in the moment, Creacon has courses that could suit you.

FEB 2017

Hospitality Ireland

The benefits of the [Food Is Medicine] programme are designed for all life areas including, professional corporates, fitness-focused people and professional athletes.

NOV 2016

Wexford People

At Creacon Wellness Retreat you can be sure you will leave your worries at the door and leave rejuvenated and full of vigour.

SEPT 2016

South East Radio Awards Creacon Wins Best Eco-friendly Restaurant

Creacon won the best of the hospitality industry in County Wexford.

JUNE 2016

Creacon Expands Wellness Retreat With New Wing

Creacon opens new luxury 12 bedroom wing to service expanding business.

JAN 2016

Irish Indepedent

An historical wellness centre, located just outside New Ross, is just about midway through the construction of their 20 room extension.


“I highly recommend the 6 month retreat program at Creacon as there were so many wonderful and enlightening benefits that I have experienced on a personal level.” – Kathy

“In the real world, I had been in therapy for years due to depression and had major self-confidence issues. I have gone through huge inner transformations during my six months at Creacon. I never dreamed it would be possible for the traumatic experiences of my life to be healed like they have been.”
– Cindy

“Like a house of mirrors, your inner issues are reflected back to recognize, contemplate and release. The incredible light and love that at Creacon truly offers an adventure in self discovery and the education and opening of the heart.”
– John


2019 Lux Life Magazine Award for Leading Luxury Wellness Retreat
2018 South East Radio Judges Special Merit Award
2018 Silver Lama Award Winner 
2017 Best In Tourism
2017 Overall Business of the Year
South East Radio Hospitality Awards Receptionist of the Year 2017
South East Radio Hospitality Awards Best Eco-Friendly Restaurant 2016
Trip Advisor 5 Star Certificate of Excellence 2014, 2015, 2016
Trip Advisor Bronze Green Leaders Award 2015
EcoMerit Environmental Certification 2014, 2015
Hygiene Excellence Food Safety & HACCP Award 2013, 2014, 2015
New Ross Chamber of Commerce Best Small Business winner 2013, 2014
New Ross Chamber of Commerce Community Service finalist 2013
New Ross Chamber of Commerce Tourism & Hospitality finalist 2014