Sandra ‘Grey Wolf’ on Earth Oracle Readings

Why Have An Earth Oracle or Angel Reading?

Have you ever thought about having a reading then thought: isn’t it going to happen anyway? Do I really want to know the answer to my question? Do I really want to know what is going to happen? Will it be good or bad news? Will she tell me bad things are going to happen? Will she not tell me if they are bad, or gloss it over??? These questions and more often go through people’s minds when they consider having a reading.

Earth Oracle and Angel Reading sessions could more accurately be called Intuitive Spiritual Counselling Sessions, but the name is a bit long. In a session I ask you what you want more clarity on in your life, and let you know all areas of your life will come up so you are not limiting yourself in this question. It is about focusing on what is truly bothering you right now….and the truth is, what is bothering you right now in one area of your life is bothering you in all areas of your life. You may not see it that way now but your life is like the internet, all aspects touch all other aspects, all relationships affect all other relationships, all current experiences affect your life before and after the experience you are currently in. Everything is inter-related, and the puzzle isn’t complete until the last piece is put into place…is it?

A reading helps to sort out the puzzle pieces so you can see the bigger picture. I give you some of the pieces…not from my own mind but from listening to Spirit for you. That could be your Spirit Guides, or mine, or God, or the Angels, or the Lads (Saints/Masters), or your very Soul, the inner you that is wanting to be heard. So it is all about you, for you, and within you. You create your life, it is a masterpiece, once you sort out all the pieces, once you open to the bigger picture.

During the reading, I act as the Operator. It used to be you could dial 411 in the USA, the number for Information, and you would get an Operator who would ask “How can I help you?” And you would say: I need to find a plumber, or I need the phone number for my friend Suzie Doozey, etc., etc. And they would look up the Information for you.

In this case, I am an Information Operator. I look up and the direction is given me. We can do this ourselves thru meditation but what I have found is that our “I wants” can get in the way of the Truth coming thru at times. It is a hit and miss proposition knowing if we are listening to the Truth, or what we want the Truth to be. Outside Operators don’t have any agenda’s regarding your Truth, they don’t have any wants for you and they don’t buy into your wants, they just ask the questions and then “look up” the answers for you.

So enjoy a Skype session or in-person session when I am at Creacon, both work the same. I just ask, listen, and look up the information for you.

Many Blessings,

Sandra Squires / Grey Wolf

Earth Oracle or Angel Reading

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