Stuck In The Cycle of Suffering

Happiness Is Transient

If we search for peace and harmony, we will always be disappointed. This is what the Buddha taught. The search for happiness leads only to sadness when that happiness proves to be always transient. 

The loss of happiness, the loss of hope, the loss of the life that someone imagined for themselves or the loss of a loved one or friend can be excruciatingly difficult.

Remember, impermanence is the truth. What do I mean by that? Impermanence tells us that all we experience in this life is fleeting. Joy, sadness, abundance, and pain will ebb and flow. Everything is changing, no matter how overwhelming and dark some of it may seem.

The Cycle Of Suffering

We spend a lot of time looking for enlightenment. Difficult events and circumstances present the opportunity to return from grief, loss, and sadness, back to our true enlightened state. While cherishing, servicing, and loving something or someone is wonderful and joyous, the problem arises when the time comes for change and we won’t let go. We can become stuck in the cement of suffering and karma. 

At a certain point in your life, something will happen that will give you the opportunity to either go deeper into the suffering, or step right back to the zero point of enlightenment. You could lose your savings, your career, even your family. Though as difficult as any situation can be – and as much as you may need to reach out for support – you have the ability to greet it with wonder.

Imagine what you perceive as the worst thing that can happen to you coming to pass, then go right back to the enlightenment by saying “I wonder what’s going to happen next?” There is the awe of creation in that statement, and when you say it you will have enough clarity of mind to see what happens next, and not lose the thing you need the most – hope. 

The Impact of Loss

Support (in whatever form you find it), exercise, eating well, meditation, and other self-care practices can easily fall away when there’s a slide toward deep depression and suicidal thoughts.

Take the smallest of steps for yourself, or help someone suffering to put these tools into, or back into, their lives. Reaching out for therapy, and sometimes medication (especially in cases where you or the person is in an extremely dangerous state of mind) is so important.

No one or no thing can truly change the way you or someone who is suicidal thinks and perceives the world. There has to be a change of consciousness.

The process will take the time that it needs. It may be a while before the shift is effective and lasting, but it is possible to plant the seeds of hope with reflection and communication.

Hope and Healing

Without hope we don’t have anything.  Life is an imperfect journey. There are steps forward and steps that take us in reverse; there are victories and obstacles. Everything has its own divine timing. Finding a way to stay hopeful is so important. It is a major driving force in life. If you lose hope, it is easy to slip into darkness.

Individually and collectively, we need to bring hope to our lives through communication and recognizing what our dreams are. We should help ourselves, and others, to get as close as possible to fulfilling those dreams.

Personal Healing

A personal psychotherapy session will help you to become a more balanced and happy person. Each session is tailored to help you address the aspects of your life that deserve your care and attention. With the help of one of our qualified psychotherapists, you can transform your life and set yourself free to create the future that you truly desire.

Psychotherapy is helpful for anxiety, depression, loss, grief, illness, abuse, trauma, stress, relationships, negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs.