The Journey of Evolution

Creation is brilliant and now awakens “the highest truth that there is nothing but LOVE.”  What a great teaching to contemplate as we return from our Spiritual Retreat and Workshop in beautiful Ireland.

We were captivated with visions of Platonic Shapes, the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence, enriched in the symbols of sacred geometry.  These spiralling patterns have been seen throughout ancient cultures as patterns in architectural design, patterns in art, patterns in mathematics, and patterns in family lineage.  This powerful workshop unveiled the infinity of manifestation patterns seen in the DNA of the holy sacred trinity of the Aum Sri Prema Agni, Aum Sri Rising Star and Aum Sri Premapranahuti within the egg-shaped lingam cosmic seed of creation.

Universal revelations were also seen with new visions of 5D cosmic astrology that adheres to the profound shifts in our inner and outer worlds.  Additionally, the dynamic disclosure that our mind is in our heart, with the brain acting as the computer operating system, the self-motivator that manifests the duality of a nuclear bomb or nuclear medicine as the cause and effect of illness or health. This exuberant realization supports the heightened awareness that you are creating your own reality.  Your self-created experiences and lessons are your own designed lessons.

On the lighter side, the observation that the blueprint of life is like looking at a washing machine made me smile riding the unpredictable e-motional roller coaster of life.  Allowing new wisdoms of liberation we see the gift of life from a higher perspective of compassion and living mindfulness.   The self-realization that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have brings forgiveness that restores the balance of peace.  Also, loving with an open heart and supporting each other through cooperation vs competition gives us the momentum through the door and across the bridge to take the Quantum Leap of freedom.

Daily while breathing and repeating the best mantra in the world to mind your own f-ing business, we are liberated from judgement and distractions.  We stay still and gather the weapons to use on the battlefield of life with mantra as the right words, with tantra as the right ritual of japa and with yantra as the right geometric aid of visual meditation. We start applying and living the teachings, we fight the good fight like Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita that is “the guide book on how to live a God Realized life.”  We see the symbology of the sacred geometry of the body as the chariot, we rein in the five white horses of the senses and the sense mind which is blind, and we use the wheels in our seven chakras as a mode of transformation.

Letting go of the armour and shackles of the past while ceasing to worry about the unknown future, gives us utmost faith and trust in the timing of the Divine Plan.

We awaken to the truth that will set us free, we live in the present moment of eternity, with grace and gratitude we arise in service uplifting humanity

Love beyond words to our teacher Derek O’Neill who awakens our inner teacher.

Written by Sandra Combe

Geometrics of Premapranahuti

The Premapranahuti incorporates the energy of all sacred symbols and numerology, as well as all platonic solids that create the shapes and patterns that make up the fabric of the universe. Premapranahuti contains the mathematics of the manifestation process, from vibration into form and is the most powerful symbol on the planet at this time. It holds the energy of the Christ Consciousness, unity consciousness, representing the Unification of Peace. It opens hearts and minds to the truth that we are all one. From spirit to matter, it is one. Put this card up in your home or workspace to promote protection, and spend time meditating on the centre bindi point.

The Geometrics of Premapranahuti card as show above is available for purchase.