The Key to Inner-Peace

Our Subconscious is the Key to Inner Peace

Inner-peace and harmony are very dear to my heart, as I am sure they are to yours. Having grown up in a civil war where daily brutality and loss of life were the norm, my world lit up when I learned of the five universal human values (love, peace, truth, right-conduct and non-violence), as I instantly recognised they have the potential to unite people and help us let go of the need to fight wars over our differences—however they are perceived. First however, I came to realise we need to get to know ourselves, warts and all.

To live in that sought after peace and harmony, you first have to get to know your “now” world—both conscious and unconscious. Most of us are very aware of our conscious likes and dislikes, goals, desires and our perception of life as we live it on this planet. However, how many of us are aware of the content of our sub-conscious mind, and even more important, its critical effect on our everyday lives? The sub-conscious is mostly hidden from awareness (90% of our mind) and, in my personal experience, has been the cause of so much suffering, which takes much effort to search for and find its source.

What a MLL Workshop can offer you

MLL workshops take you on a journey to find out more about what is driving your life and helps you let go of what’s no longer needed, so you can bring in more of what will drive your peace, happiness and success. It offers the most incredibly well-crafted tools, techniques and mindfulness meditations to support you in finding the source of your joy in life, by first letting go of whatever is blocking that joy and lying unseen in your sub-conscious.

There is a range of approaches from mindfulness meditations, to NLP and EFT techniques, to self-analysis tools. They are all valuable in supporting you to get to know yourself better. Best of all, you lead the way, knowing how to work best with yourself to uncover your unseen blocks, and your facilitator provides the tools, the safe space and the love to hold you as you take your own personal journey.

I Thought I Healed That

In one MLL workshop, during a meditation on guilt, I thought of all the many sources of suffering I had already uncovered, I had worked on guilt a lot. I felt that this would be a very simple and light exercise. However, as the meditation progressed, I had a very short flashback to my childhood. I saw that everything in my world was in the dark. I could make everything out, but there was no sunshine, no light!

This was quite a surprise because although the scene I saw was very familiar to me, to see it in darkness, when it should have been normal daylight, was quite striking. Next, I had this overwhelming sense of feeling intensely guilty!

Where did that arise from I wondered? What on earth did I feel so guilty about as a child? As the meditation continued, I became aware that as a child, given the violent and brutal environment I lived in 24/7, I lived with a huge sense of guilt, as I was living in this horrific world around me, yet I knew, without doubt, that I had left a most beautiful place to come to this world. Deep inside, the guilt arose from coming to live in this dark place…why would anyone want to leave peace and beauty and choose to live in this environment?

However irrational this may seem to you as you read it, how children interpret the world around them is so much more complex than what our adult rational mind can comprehend. For me, this was a light bulb moment, as I realised how much of that totally unseen guilt I had carried all through my childhood and much of my adulthood, always trying to “make it better” for everyone around me, just as I had done as a child. It’s difficult to transmit the depth of this experience in words. However, this is just one example of the life-changing moments that can happen in the gentle, loving MLL workshop. Many people have these ‘aha’ moments, either quietly to themselves, or they choose to share them with others in the workshop.

By Colette Savage
Wellness Coach and Teacher at Creacon Wellness Retreat

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