The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity

What You Give Your Energy To Grows

How do we truly change what seems to make us unhappy? How many times have you tried to bring about change by attempting to alter external circumstances, without shifting your consciousness about it? Do you try to control your world instead of your mind? Change begins with a process of thoughts, words, and actions – and our ability to bring consciousness into our daily lives. If we change our thoughts, words and actions, our reality changes. This is the only way to create change for individuals and for the world.

As much as we know that our thoughts – whether positive or negative – will affect our feelings and manifest our reality, it is often difficult to keep up the positive mindset in the face of events or situations that arise. We need to look at our thinking from a perspective of consciousness. It is only with this deeper dive into our psyche, and blueprint of who we are, that we can adopt a long-term positive effect. It’s not only about recognizing your patterns. It’s about understanding that a mind will create a story. Whether that story is true or not can only be decided by you, and you alone. With so much emphasis on the physical world, the power of consciousness is overlooked. We often focus on the circumstances in our lives that aren’t going well, instead of thinking about what is going well and counting our blessings. We focus on what we see as problematic, instead of looking at the bigger picture and all who are involved in it.

Consciousness is the most powerful tool in breaking the negative emotions that can cause a chain reaction in our brains. Utilizing a conscious decision to turn over these feelings to a higher level of consciousness and let them go is not easy, it takes consistent minute-by-minute work. When we persist, we begin to see the expansive nature of consciousness, as opposed to the “small mind” focus on our problems. Then the picture of our lives and the outer experiences begin to change, and then the bigger definition adjusts. Positive consciousness acknowledges negative thoughts and feelings but doesn’t hold on to them. Positive consciousness is in partnership with the subconscious, which understands why our mind tends to default to the negative.

Here is a video of how to apply these teachings in a very global scenario, the US elections.


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