Tibetan Bowls Sound Healing

The Healing Therapy of Tibetan and Crystal Bowls and the Gongs with sound, vibration and frequency resonance.

What is it all about and what happens during it?

We are all making a human tone or song just like a Bowl or Gong. Science now says that we also are a vibration, a frequency a sound. Either we are thinking or feeling in a harmonious way within ourselves or we are not. Sound healing with Tibetan Bowls, Gong and even Crystal Bowls is called Vibrational Medicine. When we are in a class or therapy with the Sounds of Healing from the waves of vibration of the bowls and Gongs we enter into the World Of Quantum Mechanics, which says that we are just a vibration of Oscillating Electrons, Neurons and Photons that change form by effecting our human body with the Healing Sound Waves. These frequencies surpass the intellectual part of the brain (The Conscious Mind) and travels to the core of our cellular system by the parasympathetic autonomic system where the healing qualities are fully absorbed.

This form of healing came from an Ancient Therapy of Regeneration. The Singing Bowls were used 6,000 years ago in the Far East made from bronze mostly and other metals as well as crystal glass. Dating back to Shakyamuni Buddha the sound can take the human spirit to different states of consciousness called the Tone of Life. The bowls are part of the bell family sometimes called Resting Bells.


The benefits of using the bowls are: deep relaxation and muscle regeneration to bring your body back into Harmony. In Greece the Gong making evidence puts it back to 16,000BC the ancient alchemy sources say. Bowl’s vibration and sound brings our consciousness and our awareness back to Homeostasis bathing in the Healing Vibrations. Relieving pain in the joints, digestive system, headaches and blood circulation, creating a better immune system. Also bringing relaxation to both sides of the brain stimulating stress relief on all levels and the elimination of toxins from the body while being immersed in the sound. Through sparking the parasympathetic autonomic system which takes even deeper into that place of Deep Relaxation where our bodies get to, then start our own self healing mechanisms. After the Sound Therapy emotions are calm and the mind becomes clearer thought to reduce symptoms of depression, allowing your brain to download your day, to process our thoughts and emotions easier with less anxiety also reducing anger, fatigue and bringing us to better health.

During Sound Therapy here at Creacon Wellness Retreat we get to witness the transformational and emotional shifts that each guest experiences during The Sound Bath Journey and The Ultimate massage and our meditations and workshops. The bowl OMMMMM which is the Primordial sound of the universe, reverberates in the entire cosmos and in every cell of our body as a cleansing agent for our body removing negativity and blocks from our Spirit Mind and Body! Experiencing a Now Moment bringing you to open yourself to unlimited possibilities and opening yourself to the truth of our nature.

I am looking forward to seeing and welcoming you to these classes.

Suzanne Crane
Creacon Class/Workshop facilitator
Creacon Therapist

The Ultimate massage

Soul Soothing Sound meditation

The Quantum Experience Guided meditation