Whatever You Want, You Must Give Away

They say that which you want the most you must give away.

This teaching springs from that idea tells you if you are searching for love, you must give love away. If you are looking for wealth, you must give wealth away. By releasing them you energize the circle of light, and that circle of light will always return to its source. What you give out is what you receive. When you sit in this meditation, remember that we can send peace and love to all beings in this world that are afraid or hurting. They can experience the happiness of oneness, the happiness that brings us together to learn from each other. When we come together we learn much more deeply than when we’re alone.


Try to take some time out every day for meditation. If you have limited time, just sitting peacefully, lighting a candle, and watching it for five minutes can be of huge benefit to your overall well-being. We should always try to give ourselves something that costs nothing, and this is it!

When you want to gain deeper insight about issues and problems in your life, sit still, close your eyes, then offer the question. Remain still, and let the quiet clarity come to you. You have an amazing amount of wisdom built into your own system and psyche. Bliss lives within you. Know that part of that wisdom is also the ability to reach out for help when you need it. Allow yourself to be valued and cared for. No matter what your problems or challenges, you are part of a loving universe.


Love, Love, Love

Photo by Frankie K. on Chris Ensey

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