Worry vs. Wonderment: Connect With Your Inner Brilliance

What Is Going To Happen Next?

We tend to want to know what will happen. What is going to occur with our careers, children, partners, health, and financial situation? We want to feel safe and secure about the people and things we care for. The key is to not attach to the physical presence of the people and things that populate our lives, but rather connect to the wonderment of creation even in what seems like life’s darkest moments.

When you experience worry, ask yourself “I wonder what’s going to happen next?” It is a very powerful statement. If you want to stop your mind from going down a negative path, try it. Think about your house, your family, or anything else, then say, “I wonder what’s going to happen next?” Instead of receiving a concrete answer, you will find that your consciousness opens to manifestation. That manifestation comes from the wonderment and awe of creation. The reason why we find it difficult to let things go is that a lot of us have lost the connection to the incredible power of creation. 

We are beautiful organisms, constantly dying and living, constantly cycling through this life of joy and laughter, and of sorrow and fear. We often forget the wonderment of it all. We create our reality. If you lose the sense of awe when you smell a rose, you are in deep trouble. If you smell some garbage, and you lose the sense of amazement, you have the same problem. There is no difference between a rose and garbage. The rose will be gone soon, turned to garbage. That is how creation works. It is a constant cycle of creation and deconstruction, and of cause and effect.

You are that diamond – a multifaceted, amazingly bright and radiant gem. Remember that we are the embodiment of Love. No matter what has happened in your life, or what journey you have been on, there is no such thing as a negative. It is just a positive trying to get your attention. You cannot change the past, so move beyond it. The future is yours. Be at cause in your life, not effect.

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Here is a meditation that can help focus the quest for excellence and wonderment – for both you as an individual, and for the world that we live in.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, exhale out. Relax and let go. For the next 5-10 minutes, you are going to concentrate on just you. No one else expects or needs anything from you. Allow yourself to just be. Feel your presence. Feel what it is like to be in your body. Push your consciousness around your body. Feel your fingers and your toes, and all the other parts of you. Every part is beautiful and unique to who you are. Fill yourself out into that space of love and acceptance. Feel the excellence and brilliance around you and in you. Now imagine that you are shapeless. Pop-out of your body and stand beside yourself. Feel what it is like to be looking at you. When something fearful happens, that is what you do. You are looking at yourself knowing that you are powerful. Fear or trauma cannot hurt you. Honor all the parts of yourself. They are all within one frame, that big frame, which is Life. Look at the bigger frame called humanity, and know that it includes you.

Think about a hero in your life; someone who is strong and confident. Look at yourself with the power of the conscious state that you are in now, and change your shape – become that person. You are looking at them but you know it is you. Realize that there is no separateness between you and them. What they have, you have. Now think of someone who you are having difficulty within your life right now. It could be a partner, a friend, a business colleague, or whomever. Create them in your mind and look at them. Feel the compassion for how difficult their life is in some ways, and how wonderful their life is in other ways. See that we are ALL connected on an interpersonal and global level.

Take everything you have learned, and bring that whole experience into a resourceful, strong state by stepping right back into your own body. Feel the shape of your body sitting in the chair. Your shape is perfect, beautiful, and wonderful. Bring everything you’ve absorbed from reading this book – and your openness to continuing down your path to excellence – and push it out through your feet, on to the floor. The floor can become where you store everything that you need. Instead of a storehouse, call it a “floor-house.” Push all your consciousness down there. Now, anytime you need a resource, you just have to put your feet on the floor. Put yourself in your body and push out through the floor. Ascend into the storehouse of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and kindness. Feel what it is like to be sitting in that chair right now. Feel your shoes on your feet, then your clothes rubbing on your body. Feel what it is like to be wonderful.

Open your eyes and come back to the here and now – where excellence can be yours.


Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels